Update 6.1 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Patch notes released Tuesday May 26, 2020.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy team will cooperate to fight against gigantic threats from space!
MARVEL Future Fight has prepared the May Update by referring to the Comic <Guardians of the Galaxy>!
Let’s follow Star-Lord and Beta Ray Bill’s journey to stop the infestation and wars in space!

Utilize Beta Ray Bill, Phyla-Vell, Darkhawk, Nova (Richard Rider), and Gladiator, the 5 New Heroes, Star-Lord and Punisher’s 2 New Uniforms, Star-Lord’s Tier-3 Advancement, and Beta Ray Bill’s Potential Awakening to strengthen your heroes!

Along with the new content <Epic Quest - The Galactic Imperative>, the World Boss preset option and Content Status Board Improvements have been added!
Other various contents have also been prepared!

5 New Heroes

Heroes with a strong sense of family and incredible teamwork!
Please welcome these amazing heroes who have solved many space issues.
Beta Ray Bill, Phyla-Vell, Darkhawk, Nova (Richard Rider), and Gladiator have come to MARVEL Future Fight!

  • * New Character Skills are based on Level 1 stats.
2 New Uniforms

2 New Uniforms have been released for Star-Lord and Punisher! Strengthen their power to fight against extraterrestrial threats!

  • * New Uniform Skills are based on Level 1 stats.
  • * The new Uniform will be on sale during the event and will be available for purchase in the MARVEL Universe and Uniform Room after the event.
6 New Potential Realised Heroes and a New Tier-3 Hero

Beta Ray Bill, Phyla-Vell, Darkhawk, Nova (Richard Rider), Gladiator, and Nova (Sam Alexander) have had their Potentials unlocked and will be able to reach level 70 after the May Update.

Also, Star-Lord will reach a new power after reaching level 70!
Check out the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy's new ability!
Star-Lord Tier-3 Advancement has been added.
* Star-Lord’s Tier-3 Advancement will be rewarded to Agents who have completed the last story stage of Epic Quest - The Galactic Imperative.

  • - Please check out Star-Lord biometrics that have been added to [Dimension Mission] - [Support Shop]!

New Awakened Skill

Beta Ray Bill has received a new Awakened Skill!
Complete the Potential Awakening Skill requirements to unlock his 6th Active Skill!

If you’re wondering how to awaken a character’s potential, look no further! Check out the guide below!
[Go to the Potential Awakening Guide]

New Epic Quest Theme - The Galactic Imperative

Let’s join Star-Lord and Beta Ray Bill’s journey to stop the threats from space!
Meet stronger Beta Ray Bill and Tier-3 Star-Lord through the Epic Quest!

[What is Epic Quest?]
You can follow a certain hero’s story by completing various quests.
Be aware that some heroes can only grow / be obtained through Epic Quest, and their exclusive stages exist in Epic Quest!

1. Tier-2 1★ Beta Ray Bill can be obtained right after starting Epic Quest.

  • - Beta Ray Bill can reach Lv. 60 6★ Advancement and Mastery only through Epic Quest.
  • - You can grow Beta Ray Bill and receive various rewards by completing stages, research, search, and other challenge missions.
  • - Awakening potential and reaching Lv. 70 with Beta Ray Bill requires spending materials and completing World Boss as other heroes require.

2. Star-Lord Tier-3 Advancement is available after completing the last Guardians story of Epic Quest!

  • - You can achieve Tier-3 Lv. 70 Star-Lord by completing the Epic Quest!
  • - Star-Lord Tier-3 Advancement can only be reached through the Epic Quest, and Tier-3 materials will be used to complete certain Epic Quest research tasks.
  • - The following rewards will be sent to those Agents who have Lv. 62 ~ 70 Star-Lord and have completed Lv. 62 ~ 70 Star-Lord reward stages.


  • - When receiving the Star-Lord level up rewards from some Epic Quest stories, new rewards will be given to those Agents who already have Star-Lord at higher levels than the predetermined rewards.

3. Once the Epic Quest - Deluxe Package or Special Deluxe Package is purchased, Deluxe Exclusive stages and benefits will be available.

[Deluxe Package] - You can purchase the package by spending crystals.

[Special Deluxe Package]
You can purchase the package in the game and can obtain the Deluxe Package benefits as well as 1,000 crystals and 2,500 VIP points immediately upon purchase.

[Epic Quest: Galaxy Imperative Deluxe Item Benefits]

  1. Story Completion Reward - Additional Deluxe benefits obtainable
  2. 6★ Nova (Richard Rider) is given immediately
  3. Immediately unlocks Fate of the Universe

  • * Both Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Package and Special Deluxe Package cannot be purchased at the same time, and each Deluxe Package can only be purchased once per an account.
  • * Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Package will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • * Guardians of the Galaxy Special Deluxe Package will apply immediately once used in the Inbox and cannot be refunded.
  • * The special stages from the Epic Quest Deluxe Package will be available permanently.

4. Gladiator can be obtained through the Ruler of the Empire!
Gladiator can be obtained once all target heroes have reached Tier-2 Lv.60.

  • - Gladiator is a native Tier-2 hero and requires Black Anti-Matter and Norn Stones of Chaos to grow.

5. Special items can be obtained from the Epic Quest Collection.
Collection materials can be obtained at certain rates when completing each stage.

Existing Epic Quest Improvement

1. Sorcerer Supreme: Memory Mission and Dark Dimension entrance limits have been removed.
* You can only obtain biometrics 10 times for each stage, and biometrics of summoned heroes can also only be obtained daily for limited amounts.

2. First Family: The entrance limit of New Face has been removed.
* You can only obtain biometrics 10 times for each stage.

3. As the entrance limits of Sorcerer Supreme / First Family have been changed, some drop items and the amount of collection drop items have been changed.

World Boss Utility Improvement

Play the World Boss much quickly by setting your frequently used team!

1. Agents can save World Boss Characters / Allies using a preset option.

  • - You can save up to 5 preset teams, and each team is given a number!

2. A “Name” category has been added to the World Boss character filter.

  • - Character names can be sorted in ascending and descending orders!
  • - A character name will appear while pressing a character’s portrait.
Content Status Board

Agents can now create custom Content Status Boards!
An edit function, adding missions, and more improvements have been added.

1. Only the content that Agents want to see will be displayed by using the Content Status Board edit function.

  • - Only unlocked contents can be edited.

2. Dimension Mission, Danger Room, Squad Battle, and new Epic Quest related options have been added in the Content Status Board.

3. The guide regarding reset time of Alliance Battle and Timeline Battle on the Content Status Board have been improved to be accurate.

4. A Content Status Board tutorial has been added.

Dimension Mission Improvement

Less energy and clear tickets will be spent in Dimension Mission difficulty 11 to 15.

  • - Energy : Decreased from 16 to 12
  • - Clear Ticket : Decreased from 3 to 2

1 New Uniform Collection

Check out the new uniforms and heroes from the May Update!
Many rewards will also be granted for completing the collection requirements.

Special Icon Convenience Improvements and New Special Icon

Guardians of the Galaxy Update Celebration Special Icon has been added!
Obtain the Special Icon and simply set it as your main icon with new functions!

1. The Special Icon can be used immediately after receiving it as a reward.

  • - The Special Icon will be sent to the Inventory after pressing the Close button and can always be used by selecting the Use button in the Inventory!

2. Special Icon obtaining locations have been added as texts.

3. Special Icons will be displayed in the chatrooms.

4. Additional Special Icons will be added after the Update.

5. If the Special Icon is applied as a main icon, the Special Icon will also be applied in the forum.

[May Update New Special Icon]

New Future Pass Season

A new season of Future Pass will start after the update.
You can obtain various rewards along with the 2 Special Icons we have introduced above!

If you want to know more about the Future Pass, please check the guide below!
[Go to Future Pass Guide]

[Future Pass Rewards]

  • - The Future Pass effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • - Opened Legendary or Mythic Future Passes will only be applied during the season the Pass was purchased and the Pass rewards will only be available during the same season. Please don’t forget to check the remaining event time!
  • - The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • - Legendary and Mythic Future Passes will not be available for purchase when the season is about to end. Please check the sale period in the game.
Daily Loot Chest Added

A new item has been added to help our Agents grow their heroes.
The <Daily Loot Chest> will provide one daily material chest a day for 7 days.
Obtain various premium advancement materials and gold at a set chance!

[Daily Loot Chest]

[Daily Loot Chest Probability]

Other Information

[6/1 3:03 a.m. / 5/31 8:03 p.m. Added]
1. A Potential Awakened character option will be added to the Tier filter order in the following content.
- Heroes will be filtered in the following order: Tier-3 > Potential Awakened > Tier-2 > Tier-1
- My Team, MARVEL Universe, Squad Battle, World Boss, Shadowland, Alliance Battle, Co-op Play, World Boss Invasion, Giant Boss Raid, Alliance Conquest, Alliance Tournament, etc.

2. Agents will receive a penalty if they exit while selecting a hero on the Danger Room hero selection screen.
- A penalty will not be applied if an Agent leaves the Danger Room during a battle.

3. The growth status of unequipped owned uniforms will also be added to the character growth score.

4. The first clear reward of all Ultimate Difficulty levels will reset after the update.
- Those Agents who already received the rewards can receive them again!

5. All World Boss challenge records will reset after the update.
- Records of previously reached World Boss levels, the Raid Level, and the Conquest level will be kept. Mark your names on the new challenge records and become the best player in World Boss!

[5/27 6:59 a.m. (UTC+0) . 5/26 11:59 p.m. (PDT) added]
The reset of the first clear reward of World Boss has been excluded from the update due to an internal affair.
We apologize to our Agents who have been waiting for the reset.
* World Boss challenge records will reset, and the first clear reward reset will be further notified later.

Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue where some effect tooltips were not displaying properly when a Frenzy skill was applied to World Boss [Ultimate] Proxima Midnight has been fixed.
  2. Grade icons will now appear correctly in the Danger Room for all Vibranium Grade Agents.
  3. The issue where purchase limits didn't appear on the type enhance pop-up screen has been fixed.
  4. The unnatural Boss death animation in Legendary Battle: Black Widow Chapter 1 has been improved.
  5. The issue where some items in the Store were abnormally displayed after they were purchased up to their purchase limits has been fixed.
  6. The information of the buff effect “Frenzy” has been edited. Information regarding Defenses Increase has been added.

  7. Sentinel <Nimrod the Lesser>’s skill “Natural Order” has been fixed to not be cancelled while using the skill and moving.
  8. An issue where equipped Odin’s Blessing uru is amplified but the amplified stats are not applied to the character growth score has been fixed.
  9. An issue where the challenge mission of reaching Scarlet Witch Tier-3 being completed with Tier-2 Scarlet Witch or not being completed with Tier-3 Scarlet Witch has been fixed.
  10. An issue where Tier-2 icons of some characters’ portraits not displaying Awakened Potential in Alliance Conquest has been fixed.
  11. An issue where previously obtained skills are shown as new skills on a Tier-2 Origin Hero Advancement pop-up screen has been fixed.
  12. [S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy] An issue where not being able to complete certain characters’ potential level missions when those characters have already been obtained by using Selector: Tier-3 Hero has been fixed.
    - The unfinished potential level missions will automatically be switched with other missions after the update.
  13. An issue where sometimes Custom Gear Icon is continuously displayed as active when a C.T.P. of Regeneration’s option “Creates a Shield that is N% of Max HP and ignores Cancel and Pierce effects” is active has been fixed.
    - The effect has not been applied to the game. Only the icon had been displayed.
  14. The misleading skill effect phrase of skill effect “Invisibility” has been fixed.
    - The actual skill effect has been applied normally, and the phrase will be fixed through the update.

We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update!

Thank you.