Update 6.2 - Immortal Hulk

Patch notes released Monday June 29, 2020.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

This June, Gamma-born Super Heroes, both green and red, have joined MARVEL Future Fight!
Taking inspiration from the recent comic storyline, the Immortal Hulk Update has hit MARVEL Future Fight!
Join us and check out unstoppable power of these Hulks!

2 New Heroes, Abomination and Red She-Hulk, can now realize their potentials!
3 New Uniforms for Hulk, She-Hulk, and Hulk (Amadeus Cho) have been added!
With Hulk Tier-3 Advancement & Hulk (Amadeus Cho) Awakened Potential, give them a chance to show, they will show us their immense physical strength!

Also, a large-scale Story Mode improvement will be implemented!
A new storyline called <The All-War> based on the story of Ragnarok , will be added!
Alternate mode that allows Agents to use their own characters will also be added.

Shadowland’s 35th floor is unlocked!
A World Boss First Clear Reward reset and more are also prepared.
Let’s start with a look at the incoming Hulks!

2 New Heroes

Let’s welcome the amazing strength of Abomination and Red She-Hulk, whose new found aggression is sure to shake things up!

  • * New Character Skills are based on Level 1 stats.
3 New Uniforms

3 new uniforms are added for the Hulks! Check out their new appearances and their lethal skills!

  • * The new Uniform will be on sale during the event and will be available for purchase in the MARVEL Universe and Uniform Room after the event.
2 New Potential Realised Heroes and a New Tier-3 Hero

Abomination and Red She-Hulk have had their Potentials unlocked and will be able to reach level 70 after the June Update.

Also, Hulk will reach a new power after reaching level 70!
Check out Hulk’s new power after a Tier-3 advancement!

TIP! Do you want to know more about Tier-3? Check out the guide below!
[Go to Potential & Tier-3 Advancement Guide]

New Awakened Skill

Hulk (Amadeus Cho) has received a new Awakened Skill!
Complete the Potential Awakening Skill requirements to unlock Hulk (Amadeus Cho)'s 6th Active Skill!

If you’re wondering how to awaken a character’s potential, look no further! Check out the guide below!
[Go to the Potential Awakening Guide]

New Future Pass Season & Improvements

A new season of Future Pass will start after the update.
You can obtain various rewards along with Special Icons!

If you want to know more about the Future Pass, please check the guide below!
[Go to Future Pass Guide]

During this season’s Normal Pass, you can obtain Biometrics of the June Update new character Red She-Hulk!

* The rewards may change once this season’s Future Pass is over. If you want to acquire the new character, don’t miss this chance!

[Future Pass Rewards]

  • - The Future Pass effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • - Opened Legendary or Mythic Future Passes will only be applied during the season the Pass was purchased and the Pass rewards will only be available during the same season.
  • - The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • - Legendary and Mythic Future Passes will not be available for purchase when the season is about to end. Please check the sale period in the game.

Also, a Claim All function for Future Pass rewards will be added!
Receive all your available rewards at once!

Danger Room Special Training Product

Bruce Banner needs the help of the X-Men to defeat the gamma-powered villains!
Play against Abomination in the Danger Room now to help strengthen your favorite mutants.

Also, Abomination’s special training items have been added to support his growth!
Immediately upon purchase, you will receive a 6★ Abomination and gain access to a special Danger Room quest for 60 days.

Quest rewards include 1,250 Crystals and a Tier-2 Abomination upgrade!

    * Please note that this special training product cannot be refunded as the Hero is immediately paid upon purchase. * This product can be purchased one time. You can receive rewards through the special training quest for 60 days after purchase. * Abomination’s Special Training product will be available until 8/28 2:59 p.m. (UTC+0) / 8/28 7:59 a.m. (PDT). * Components of this pack may be sold at a later date.

* Complete all of the special training quests to obtain the rewards listed above.

Story Mode: New Chapter 11 Story <The All-War>

A New Story!
<The All-War>, based on the theme of Ragnarok, will be added!

  • * <The True S.H.I.E.L.D.> and <The Future Ends Here> Storylines are currently under preparation. Stay tuned for the future update!

The All-War will be unlocked by completing certain challenge missions!
- You can also unlock the mode immediately by spending Crystals!

The attribute system will not be applied in The All-War, and only the skills that are normally equipped can be used.

Story Mode 1 Theme Storyline <Dimensional Clash> Alternate Mode

An Alternate Mode will be added to the <Dimensional Clash> Storyline!

The Alternate Mode can be used if an Agent has completed the <Dimensional Clash> Campaign Mode once.
- Stay tuned for the Alternate Mode of <The All-War>!

Normal / Ultimate Difficulties are available in the Alternate Mode!

All characters owned by an Agent can be used in Normal Difficulty.
Only the characters that have reached Tier-3 or have their potentials awakened can be used in Ultimate Difficulty.

  • - The Alternate Mode unlocks after completing the Campaign Mode!
  • - All stages in Normal Difficulty are unlocked upon entering the mode for the first time.
    You must start from Stage 1 in Ultimate Difficulty.

1 ~ 3 characters can enter the Alternate Mode, and any stages can freely be played!
* In the Ultimate Difficulty, you can only select stages you have completed.

  • - In the Alternate Mode, stage progress cannot be saved while playing a stage, and the completion reset function cannot be used!

[Avengers: 3099 Uniform Distribution due to change in the Story Mode First Clear Rewards]
For those Agents who have completed the Story Mode once but less than 3 times by the Update, the Black Widow and Captain America <Avengers: 3099> uniforms, which are the 2nd and 3rd Story Mode completion rewards, will be given.

  • - After the Update, the 3 <Avengers: 3099> uniforms will be given after completing the <Dimensional Clash> for the 1st time.

Please refer to the information below for the new storyline & modes of the Story Mode and the rewards.

[Story Mode Completion Rewards]

[All Story Mode Completion Rewards]

  • - <Story Completion Reward (1 Time)> can only be obtained after completing each Story for the first time.
  • - <Story Completion Reward (1 Time)> - Alternative rewards will be given if the target heroes owned by Agents are at higher levels than the growth rewards.
  • - <Repeat Rewards> - The designated biometrics can be obtained from the Story Chest of each chapter.
  • - The amount and the type of obtainable biometrics from “Stage Biometrics Reward” & “Each Chapter Story Chest” will increase as the story progresses.
Shadowland 35th Floor and New Bosses

Shadowland has been expanded from the 30th floor to the 35th floor!
Challenge yourself at the new stages and obtain the First Clear Rewards!

  • - The new content will be applied after the Shadowland reset at 7/3 1:00 a.m. (UTC+0) / 7/2 6:00 p.m. (PDT).

Starting from the 36th floor, 1 random stage from 1st - 35th floor will appear!


  • - The Floors of the First Clear Rewards have been adjusted, and please remember that the first Clear Rewards will not reset!
  • - Newly added 31 - 35 Floor rewards will also be given to Agents who already have played.

Due to the change in Shadowland, rewards of 31st ~ 135th floor have been changed.

[Shadowland 31 ~ 135 Floor Stage Rewards]

  1. Treasure Chest of Hand & Treasure Chest of Daredevil given in 30 Floor have been changed to be given in 34 Floor.
  2. Treasure Chest of Daredevil and Shadowland Chest will be given after completing 35 Floor.
    - Many Tier-2 Advancement materials will be given as 31 ~ 35 Floor Stage Completion rewards. Make sure to challenge yourself at Shadowland and obtain the rewards!
  3. Some of the rewards from Treasure Chest of Hand and Treasure Chest of Daredevil available in Shadowland have been improved.
    • - High Rank rewards can be obtained with better chance as Rare Rank Custom Gear and Comic Cards have been removed from the Treasure Chest of Hand.
    • - The given amount of Hidden Tickets and Uniform Upgrade Kit from the Treasure Chest of Hand has been improved.
    • - High Rank rewards can be obtained with better chance as 4★ - 5★ ISO-8 have been removed from the Treasure Chest of Daredevil.
1 New Uniform Collection

Check out the new uniforms and heroes from the June Update!
Complete the collection by achieving the specified conditions and earn a reward!

New Special Icons

New Special Icons have been added for our Agents!
Also, check out the 2 icons in Future Pass and 1 icon in the Event Shop which will be available later!

[June Update New Special Icons]

Other Information

1. An icon, which displays useful effects, will be added in Custom Gear.

  • - Check out Custom Gear with Guard Break Immunity / Invincible / Increases damage of skill with count limits effects!
  • - The icon will not be applied to C.T.P.

2. The Buff Icons below will be changed to be more clearly displayed.

3. World Boss First Clear Rewards will reset after the update.

4. Obtainable locations of biometrics in Epic Quest will be added.
She-Hulk, Crystal: First Family
Gamora, Nebula, Punisher: The Galactic Imperative

5. Some words will not be used in Code Name.
Target words: 卐, 卍卍, 卍卐, 卐卐, 卐卍

6. Special Icon Star Prince has been changed to be displayed in the reverse order.

Game Error Fixes
  1. An issue where the first clear reward UI disappeared in the battle preparation screen after entering the Epic Quest stage which has the first clear reward → exiting the stage → and then re-entering has been fixed.
  2. An issue where after obtaining 6★ Nova (Richard Rider) by purchasing the Epic Quest: The Galactic Imperative - Special Deluxe Package, the chat would display that the character had been purchased through the Dimension Chest has been fixed.
  3. An issue where gear with the lowest grade was selected first after pressing the "Auto Select" button when enhancing Custom Gear has been fixed.
  4. An issue where the S.H.I.E.L.D. Lv.70 Achievement Pack #1 purchase button was displayed as purchased if an Agent had less than 1,000,000 Gold has been fixed.
  5. Alarm badge will display on Alliance tab when an Alliance application has been submitted.
  6. An issue where Max Level Reached text appearing whenever Gear upgrade reaches 100% has been fixed.
  7. An issue where reward pop-up message for S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy rewards not displaying in Heroic Quest screen has been fixed.
  8. An issue where skill information of Bishop’s Tier 2 Passive Skill “Energy Absorption” not displaying how much energy damage can be accumulated has been fixed.
  9. Although 3 different types of Uru can be obtained from Dimension Mission, depending on the day not the difficulty, an issue where the effects of the obtainable Uru from Difficulty 1 to 10 and Difficulty 11 to 15 are different had been discovered. This issue has been fixed.
  10. An issue where effects inflicted to summoned characters in World Boss Apocalypse are also inflicted to Heroes has been fixed.

We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update!

Thank you.