Update 6.4 - Damnation

Patch notes released Tuesday September 15, 2020.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

Doctor Strange and other heroes have gathered to fight against the powerful supernatural phenomenon happening in Las Vegas!

We will introduce the September Update based on the Marvel Comic Storyline of <Doctor Strange: Damnation>.

2 New Heroes, Scarlet Spider and Morbius, have been added!
2 New Uniforms for Doctor Strange and Dormammu have been added!
Take a look at the Super Heroes who have acquired new power!
Tier-3 Dormammu and the Awakening of Elsa Bloodstone, Moon Knight, and Morbius!

Also, a rework which suits the battle that awaits our heroes has been prepared!
Challenge yourself with Danger Room: Extreme Mode and the reworked Alliance Battle, where various patterns and bosses await!

Other additional functions such as the Hero Info Rework have also been prepared!
Make sure to check the information below and enjoy the September Update!

2 New Heroes

Scarlet Spider, who forged a path to become more than just a clone of Spider-Man, and Morbius, a biologist with vampiric abilities, have joined MARVEL Future Fight!

  • * New Character Skills are based on Tier-2, Level 6 stats.
2 New Uniforms

The masters of magic cannot be missed when supernatural phenomena must be battled!
New uniforms have been added for Doctor Strange and Dormammu!

  • - The new uniforms for Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider can be checked after the Update but will be available for purchase after a separate announcement, so stay tuned!
  • * New Uniform Skills are based on Level 6 stats.
  • * The 2 new uniforms will be on sale during the event and will be available for purchase in the MARVEL Universe and Uniform Room after the event.
8 New Potential Realised Heroes

Scarlet Spider, Morbius, Ghost Rider, Blade, Elsa Bloodstone, Moon Knight, Dormammu, and Iron Fist have had their Potentials unlocked and will be able to reach level 70 after the September Update.

Dormammu Tier-3 Advancement

In order to fight against Mephisto, Dormammu, the Ruler of the Dark Dimension, has awakened his new ability!

Check out how the cosmic super villain Dormammu has changed!

Do you want to know more about Tier-3? Check out the guide below!
[Go to Potential & Tier-3 Advancement Guide]

Morbius, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone Potential Awakened

3 heroes’ potentials have been awakened in the September Update!
Check out Elsa Bloodstone, Moon Knight, and Morbius’ new skills!

If you’re wondering how to awaken a character’s potential and transcend their potential, look no further! Check out the guide below!

[Go to Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential Guide]

New Content - Danger Room: Extreme Mode

Reach for the top rank in Danger Room: Extreme Mode by challenging yourself against various patterns with your heroes!

The new Danger Room: Extreme Mode content has been added.

Danger Room: Extreme Mode Entrance Requirements:
▶ 3 or more Tier-3 / Transcend Potential heroes
▶ Reached Proficiency Level 5 or higher

1. Any owned Tier-3 or Transcend Potential heroes can be used in Extreme Mode.

  • - All Agents choose their heroes at the same time and can choose the same heroes!
  • - The Exclusive Skills in Extreme Mode are randomly assigned!
  • - Although the same heroes can be used in Extreme Mode, penalties will be given for choosing the same heroes again!
  • - Equipped ISO-8, Comic Cards, Uru, Gear, etc. will be applied to the heroes in Extreme Mode.
  • [Same Hero Reenter Penalty]
  • - Grade score will not increase or decrease after a victory or a defeat.
  • - Daily battle participation rewards cannot be obtained. (Daily victory rewards, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s support rewards, and proficiency score can be obtained.)
  • - Penalty resets at 3:00 p.m. (UTC+0) / 8:00 a.m. (PDT).

2. Extreme Mode Simulation mode has been added.

  • [Extreme Mode Simulation]
  • Extreme Simulation activates when a Boss’s health decreases below a certain point.
  • The boss will not move or attack during this period.
  • Agents’ heroes and the Boss cannot also attack each other.
  • Survive by avoiding certain patterns while the Extreme Simulation is activated!

  • - Danger Room turns red when the Extreme Simulation is activated!
  • - Skill energy will not be created for a certain period of time when the Extreme Simulation is activated.

3. Some of the Danger Room rewards have changed.

  • - Daily Battle Participation Rewards, which can be obtained regardless of a victory or a loss, will be added.
  • - The Grade System and Grade rewards will be deleted in Normal Mode and will not be available after the Update.
  • - Other rewards will all share reward counts in Normal Mode / Extreme Mode.

EX) If all daily battle participation rewards have been claimed in Extreme Mode, the daily battle participation rewards can no longer be obtained in Normal Mode until the reset.

  • - You can obtain a lot of X-Genes or Biometrics from the Grade Reward by a low rate of chance!

[Reminders regarding Deleting the Normal Mode Grade Reward]

  • * The Normal Mode Grade Rewards from 9/6 8:00 a.m. to 9/13 7:59 a.m. (PDT) can be acquired as before by entering Danger Room during 9/14 - 20th.
  • * If an Agent has played Danger Room at least once from 9/13 8:00 a.m. to the 9/16 Update, a Challenger grade reward chest will be sent to the Inbox.

4. More Proficiency points can be acquired in Extreme Mode than in Normal Mode.

5. Separate effect icons can be applied in Danger Room depending on an Agent’s Proficiency level.

6. If an Agent does not select a hero during the hero select period in Danger Room Normal Mode, the most frequently selected hero from an Agent’s available heroes will be selected.

7. Inactive Penalty, Abandon System, and Abandon Penalty will be applied to Normal / Extreme Mode.

Alliance Battle Extreme Change

Strengthen heroes to prepare for stages that change day by day!
Also, reach for a high score by employing strategies for Frost Beast’s various special effects and finding their weakness!

1. Heroes with skills that have a weakness effect to Frost Beast will be displayed at the top as recommended.

  • - Heroes with recommended skills will appear at the top of the hero list.
  • - You do not have to select the recommended hero, but the hero has a beneficial skill for that stage!

EX) If a skill with a Silence effect is used, Frost Beast’s Cry for Blood can be interrupted!

2. New Frost Beasts have been added, and the recommended effects differ for each Frost Beast.

Frost Beast uses Cry for Blood skill during battle. Before initiating Cry for Blood, the Frost Beast will make a certain preparation movement.

It is vulnerable during this time, and if a recommended skill is used, Frost Beast’s Cry for Blood can be interrupted.

A skill with the recommended effect will be highlighted when the preparation movement is underway.
Higher scores can be obtained if Frost Beast’s Cry for Blood has successfully been stopped.
However, please be aware that you will have to face a stronger Frost Beast if you fail to stop Cry for Blood.

[A message will appear once you can attack Frost Beast with the weakness effect!]

[If you fail, other various effects will be added.]

A New Future Pass Season, Improvements, & New Special Icons

The 5th season of Future Pass will begin after the update.
You can obtain various rewards, as well as Special Icons!

If you want to know more about the Future Pass, please check the guide below!
[Go to Future Pass Guide]

[Future Pass Rewards]

  • - The Future Pass effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • - An opened Legendary or Mythic Future Pass will only be applied during the season the Pass was purchased, and the Pass rewards will only be available during that same season. Please don’t forget to check the remaining event time!!
  • - The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • - The Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will not be available for purchase near the end of a season. Please check the sale period in the game.

In addition, Special Icons that represent Agents have been added!
Two can be earned as Future Pass Rewards, while another can be purchased in the Event Shop which will open soon!

[September Update New Special Icons]

1 New Uniform Collection

Check out the new uniforms and heroes from the September Update!
Complete the collection by achieving the specified conditions and earn a reward!

  • * The Uniform Collection completion rewards that are given during a certain period of time have been removed starting from the October Update.

Other Information

1. The Character Select screen has been changed to display brief information about each hero.

  • - You can check through Marvel Universe, Team Select after entering a certain mode, or other methods!
  • - A hero’s basic info, a passive skill, and recommended positions can be checked!

2. An error where some items in certain chests or selectors cannot be checked in some pop-up product messages has been fixed.

3. HP Steal effect has been changed.

  • - After using HP Steal, cooldown time has been added for using HP Steal again.
  • - Changed HP Steal effect applied hero: Blade
  • * For the new character ‘Morbius’, the changed HP Steal effect will be applied.

4. Sentinel’s Passive Skill Info has been changed.

  • - Previous: become immune to the greatest element damage received by a certain rate of chance
  • - Changed: become immune to the greatest damage received by a certain rate of chance
  • * The Skill Info has been changed, and the skill effect is applied as previously.

5. The Skill Info sorting method has been changed.

  • - ‘Skill Effect Change’, a skill tool tip such as ‘When using manual controls, your character will continuously attack nearby enemies’ will be displayed at the top.
  • - Target: Character’s active skill, uniform skill, and passive skill

6. Storm <Inhumans VS X-Men> uniform modelling has been changed to match the portrait.

Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue where the Purchase Bonus Distribution Event's remaining period was displayed abnormally on the lobby notice screen has been fixed.
  2. An issue where the screen would freeze after entering the main lobby's top right corner banner - the Youtube banner - and then returning back to the lobby when using an iOS device has been fixed.
  3. An issue where returning player additional rewards were incorrectly displayed when auto-repeating in Epic Quest has been fixed.
  4. An issue where the uniforms currently unavailable for purchase were displayed with the ‘Purchase at a discount’ text has been fixed.
  5. An issue where Dazzler <Modern>’s hand modelling is abnormally small when she is not in combat has been fixed.

We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update!

Thank you.