Update 6.5 - Symbiote Invasion

Patch notes released Tuesday October 27, 2020.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

Knull, the Lord of the Abyss and creator of the Symbiotes, as well as other Super Villains have infiltrated MARVEL Future Fight this October!

In order to solve this problem, Spider-Verse Heroes of all sorts will help our Agents, so let the battle begin!

2 New Heroes, Spider-Woman and Scream, have been added!
2 New Uniforms for Venom and Spider-Gwen have been added!
4 New Potential Awakenings of Symbiote & Spider heroes!
Check out Venom Tier-3 and Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen’s Potential Awakening!

Next, the main goal of the October Update!
Can you defeat Knull in World Boss: Legend Difficulty?
Apply the best options to your heroes through C.T.P. ‘Reforging’ & Comics Card ‘Crafting’ to achieve the greatest power!

Other content such as an Early Tutorial Convenience Rework and more will proceed.
Please check the information below!

2 New Heroes

Scream, a former student of Flash Thompson who received a dangerous symbiote, and Spider-Woman, who actively participated in on both the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., have come to MARVEL Future Fight!

  • * New Character Skills are based on Tier-2, Level 6 stats.
2 New Uniforms

Check out the new uniforms that will enhance Venom’s and Spider-Gwen’s power!

  • - The new uniform for Spider-Man (Miles Morales) can be checked after the Update, but will be available for purchase after a separate announcement, so stay tuned!
  • * New Uniform Skills are based on Skill Level 6 stats.
  • * The 2 new uniforms will be on sale during the event and will be available for purchase in the MARVEL Universe and Uniform Room after the event.
4 New Potential Realised Heroes

Spider-Woman, Scream, Spider-Gwen, and Venom have had their Potentials unlocked and will be able to reach level 70 after the October Update.

Venom Tier-3 Advancement

Venom, a storied Symbiote and a powerful foe of Spider-Man, has awakened his new ability!
Check out how the Super Villain has changed!

Do you want to know more about Tier-3? Check out the guide below!
[Go to Potential & Tier-3 Advancement Guide]

Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen Potential Awakened

2 heroes’ potentials have been awakened in the October Update!
Check out Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen’s new skills!

If you’re wondering how to awaken a character’s potential and transcend their potential, look no further! Check out the guide below!

[Go to Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential Guide]

Knull, New World Boss, and Legend Difficulty Content Added

To eliminate the threat from Knull, the Lord of Abyss, join forces with your Tier-3 and Transcend Potential heroes!

The new World Boss: Knull and Legend Difficulty content has been added.

For World Boss: Knull, only Legend Difficulty exists. In it, you will face higher stats and a greater variety of patterns.

Only Agents who fulfill the three requirements below will be able to challenge Legend Difficulty.

  1. Completed Story 8-3 ‘The Showdown’
  2. Own 3 or more Tier-3 or Transcend Potential heroes
    - Ally heroes must be Tier-2, 6★ Rank, 6★ Mastery, and level 60 or higher!
  3. Completed all challenges to unlock Knull Legend Difficulty Stage 1

Knull consists of Legend 1 - 99 stages and Conquer Levels.
To unlock every 10th stage, you must complete challenges.

[Conquer Rewards]

  • - All the rewards above can be obtained after reaching Conquer Level 100.
  • - From the World Boss Conquer Chest, various items such as C.T.P. Reforging Core, Tier-3 Advancement materials, C.T.P., and more can be obtained by a set of chances!

There are five types of requirements, such as type, side, allies, gender, and ability, that are set as requirements for Legend Difficulty.
Only the heroes who meet all the requirements can participate as participating heroes and allies!
- The requirements are fixed for each floor!

In Legend Difficulty, heroes who participated as allies also cannot be used again until the reset due to the Boss’s powerful force.

Along with C.T.P. Reforging Core, the four types of Titan’s Record and Tier-2,3 advancement materials, Points for awakening potentials of all participating heroes and allies can be obtained as main rewards, so take on the challenge!

  • * Biometrics from World Boss Knull cannot be obtained.

[Other World Boss Information]

  1. Raid Level extends from 499 to 999, and Valor extends from 2490 to 4990.
  2. Consecutive challenge missions have been added for World Boss: Legend Difficulty.
  3. World Boss: Legend Difficulty Continue requires more Crystals to be spent than other previous difficulties.
    - The first World Boss Legend Difficulty Continue uses 600 Crystals. and the cost increases by 100 Crystals each time. Please be aware that the Crystal cost is discounted due to the VIP effect, but there is a limit to each grade!
C.T.P. Reforging & New Effects Added

With the materials obtained from World Boss Legend Difficulty, reforge C.T.P. to support your heroes!

[C.T.P. Reforging]
C.T.P. of Energy, Transcendance, and Regeneration can be reforged after the Update.
In order to reforge, the new material ‘C.T.P. Reforging Core’ and 1 C.T.P. of the same type as a C.T.P. being reforged are required.

Also, the rate of Super Success can be adjusted by adding up to 5 C.T.P.

  • - Super Success C.T.P. will receive higher effects than Normal Success C.T.P.
  • - The additionally used C.T.P. do not have to be the same type as the C.T.P. being reforged!
  • - Be cautious when adding C.T.P. as materials since the amount of the new currency you have to spend will also increase!
  • - A Normal Success C.T.P. can be reforged again.

When reforging is completed successfully, the item’s name will be changed and new effects will be added.
* C.T.P. used as reforge materials will all be deleted.

Additional options will be applied by the 100% rate of chance when reforging.
Among the options, the 2 new effects that have been added during the October Update, “Penetration” and “Beatdown”, are as follows.


The gauge charges when attacked.
When fully charged, the skill will activate automatically after being attacked.
The skill of the enemy who triggered the skill will be cancelled, and the damage received animation will forcefully be displayed and will remove all projectors.

  • * Penetration will also be applied to a non-targeted enemy.
  • * Depending on the newly added stats <Concentration>, Penetration can fail by a set of chance.
  • * Penetration can be stopped with immunity to Penetration or other effects.
  • * Penetration does not affect enemies from Story, Legendary Battle, Squad Battle, World Boss, Danger Room, Alliance Battle, World Boss Invasion, Giant Boss Raid, and World Event.


A gauge will charge up when moving, and the skill will activate automatically when a certain amount of gauge is charged 100%.
Once activated, the Guard Break Immune effect will be applied, and additional Pierce damage will increase for a certain period of time.

  • * Pierce damage can be enhanced depending on Concentration and can surpass the limit value when it activates from a reforged C.T.P..
  • * The effect will activate unconditionally without failing.

Check the chart below to see the difference between the stats of Normal Success C.T.P. and Super Success C.T.P.!

  • * The numbers below are based on the highest stats.

Also, please be aware that unequipping a reforged C.T.P. requires more Crystals than previously.

All C.T.P.'s options change regardless of C.T.P. Reforging when chaning options.

  • * For Reforged C.T.P., both normal options and reforge options will be changed.

[Required materials for changing options of Reforged C.T.P.]
When changing options of Mighty C.T.P. of OOO (Normal Success), one Extreme Obelisk + Gold are required.
When changing options of Brilliant C.T.P. of OOO (Super Success), one C.T.P. + Gold are required.

Comics Card Crafting

Obtain Card Crafting materials and get Crafting!
You can obtain Card Crafting Cube materials in Giant Boss Raid after the October Update!

<Premium Comics Card> can proceed Crafting.

Crafting requires Mythic Comics Cards and the new material ‘Card Crafting Cube’ as Crafting materials.
Premium Comics Card will no longer be spent when Crafting as the content applied in the Pre-Update Build has been changed.

Pre-Update Build Mythic Comics Cards and Card Crafting Cube are required as Crafting materials.
Starting from the 2nd Grade, a number of required Premium Comics Card increases by 1 depending on the Crafting Grade.
Improvement after the Update Only Normal Mythic Comics Cards and Card Crafting Cubes will be used when Crafting.

Card Crafting can be applied up to 6th stage and will successfully proceed with a 100% chance.
A Crafting ★ of different colors and a new option will be applied in each stage.
The colors of Crafting ★ are randomly selected among ★(Red) ★(Blue) and ★(Green).

Additional options can be acquired when three or six of the same color stars are applied.
Red Star - Concentration
Blue Star - Additional Penetration Damage
Green Star - All Type Resistance

In order to change a randomly applied Crafting ★, you must proceed with Craft Combine.

Combine is separated by Combine and Craft Combine.
Make sure to check ahead which effects you want to change.

<Random Options> and <Quality> can be changed by spending one Mythic Normal / Premium Comics Card and Gold.
* Crafting ★ & Crafting options do not change through Normal Combine.

[Craft Combine]
Crafting options and the color of Crafting ★ can be changed by spending one Premium Comics Card, Card Crafting Cube, and a set amount of Gold.

  • - When proceeding with Craft Combine, certain Crafting options can be fixed.
  • - When 1 or more options are being fixed, Crystals will be used instead of Gold.

  • - You can choose up to five Crafting options to be fixed!

Please refer to the stats of the options that are added when Crafting & the maximum stats at the chart below.

Also, please be aware that unequipping a Crafting Premium Comics Card requires more Crystals than previously.

Premium Comics Card Acquisition Content Improvement

1. Premium Comic Card Chest & Premium Comics Card Exchange Token Added

When 600 Tokens have been collected, they can be exchanged for a chest where acquisition of a Premium Comics Card is guaranteed. You can check the exchangeable Comics Card chest at [Store] - [Dimension Chest].

<Premium Comics Card Exchange Tokens> can be obtained as a Future Pass - [Normal Pass] 50th Grade reward, as Giant Boss Raid rewards, or from the Comic Card Chest x10 purchased in Store.

  • * Tokens cannot be obtained from the [Dimension Chest] - [Comic Card Chest] x1 product.
  • * 1 to 4 Tokens are randomly given upon each Giant Boss Raid completion. Depending on the Boost Point, additional Tokens can be acquired. However, you can only obtain up to 10 Tokens daily from Giant Boss Raid.
  • * The previous Future Pass - <Normal Pass>’s 50th Grade reward, a 6★ Rank Up Ticket, will be moved to the 25th Grade reward, and Premium Comics Card Exchange Tokens will be added as the 50th Grade reward.

1 random Premium Comics Card from all Premium Comics Cards, excluding the Artbook Collection Comics Cards, can be obtained from the chest.

2. Comic Card Chest Draw Product Improvement

In order to easily obtain a Premium Comics Card, components of the Card Chest sold from the Store have been improved.

After the October Update, <Normal - Advanced Comics Card> will be removed from components of the products below.

2 Draw Chests: [Store] - [Dimension Chest] - [Comic Card Chest] X1 / X 10
* A separated detailed probability guide will be announced.

New Stats Added

  • - Check out the two new types of status in Hero Details, as new effects have been added!

Concentration improves the performance of skills or a Custom Gear’s certain special effects.
Concentration can be used through newly added awakened C.T.P. effects, Penetration and Beatdown.
Special effects that use Concentration are planned to be added consecutively.

[Additional Pierce Damage]
When attacking, extra damages that ignore a target’s defense are inflicted.
Additional Pierce Damage’s damage values will be based on a skill’s attack values.

A New Future Pass Season, Improvements, & New Special Icons

The 6th season of Future Pass will begin after the update.
You can obtain various rewards, as well as Special Icons!

If you want to know more about the Future Pass, please check the guide below!
[Go to Future Pass Guide]

[Future Pass Rewards]

  • - The Future Pass effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • - An opened Legendary or Mythic Future Pass will only be applied during the season the Pass was purchased, and the Pass rewards will only be available during that same season. Please don’t forget to check the remaining event time!!
  • - The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • - The Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will not be available for purchase near the end of a season. Please check the sale period in the game.

In addition, Special Icons that represent Agents have been added!
Two can be earned as Future Pass Rewards, while another can be purchased in the Event Shop which will open soon! Also, check out one Special Icon from Black Friday Future Pass!

[October Update New Special Icons]

1 New Uniform Collection

Check out the new uniforms and heroes from the October Update!
Complete the collection by achieving the specified conditions and earn a reward!

  • * The Uniform Collection completion rewards that are given during a certain period of time have been removed starting from the October Update.

Other Information

1. The Character Information function has been changed and can be turned ON or OFF.

  • - Go to Settings > Option > Character Info and choose ON or OFF!

2. The next stage's first clear rewards can be checked on the Story - Campaign Results screen.

  • - Please be aware that only the first clear rewards will be displayed!

3. The Attribute System in Story - Campaign has been changed to be applied starting from the 2nd round.

4. The UI and guide procedures in the Tutorial - Story 1-1 Completion have been improved.

5. Tutorial Rewards have been changed.
Previous: 100 Crystals, Selector: 1★ Character
Changed to: New Agent Exclusive 6★ Hero Chest

  • * The previously existing “Daily Biometrics x20” 3 day trial function will be deleted. The new rewards will only be given to accounts that are made after the 10/28 Update.
  • * If the “Daily Biometrics x20” 3 day trial function is already active before the Update, the benefit will remain active.

6. Unlock conditions for each content have been added or changed.
- Content will not be available after the Update if the changed unlock conditions have not been proceeded.

  • - Pop-up products displayed - Complete Story <Robotic Theft>
  • - Unlock Conditions for Challenge Missions and Event Quests - Complete Story <Scheme of Advanced Evil>
  • - Legendary Battle Unlock Conditions - Complete Story <Shadow Over the Streets>
  • - Daily Quiz Unlock Conditions - Complete Story <Crack in the S.H.I.E.L.D.>
  • - Squad Battle Unlock Conditions - Complete Story <Order Out of Chaos>

7. The following effect has been added to Dormammu <Damnation> uniform’s uniform effect.
- Decreases all damage received by +20%

Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue where a Mega Type Enhancement Ticket cannot be used to Transcend Potential or Tier-3 heroes in the Inventory has been fixed.
  2. The issue where when a multiplayer matching proceeds, the "Increases All Attacks for each n% of (accumulated damage / damage taken) effect" was only applied to one hero even though multiple heroes may have the effect has been fixed.
  3. The issue where Ghost Rider awkwardly holds the chain in the Tier-3 advancement video while wearing certain uniforms has been fixed.
    Fixed uniforms: Ghost Rider <Classic>, <70’s Classic>
  4. The VIP points have been readjusted for those Agents whose VIP points had not been given properly after purchasing certain products.

We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update!

Thank you.