Update 6.5.5 - Symbiote Invasion Mid-Month

Patch notes released Tuesday November 17, 2020.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

Carnage, the prophet of Knull, has started his hunt for enemies of the Lord of the Abyss.

In order to fight against this dangerous Super Villain, team up with awakened Silk to put a stop to his rampage!

On 11/18, a new uniform & Tier-3 for Carnage will be added!
Silk Potential Awakening will also be added!

Download the patch data and check out the new powers!

Carnage Uniform & Tier-3 Added

  • * Character Skills are based on Level 6 stats.
  • * The new uniform will be on sale during the upcoming event and will be available for purchase in the Marvel Universe and Uniform Room after the event.

Silk Potential Awakened

Squad Battle & World Boss Knull Reward Improvements

In order to help our Agents to strengthen their heroes faster, some content rewards will be improved.
Please check the information below.

[World Boss - Knull]

  • - An improvement has been made for World Boss: Legend that a certain guaranteed amount of Cosmic Cube Fragments can be obtained.
  • - The amount of Rank 1 Black Anti-Matter and Norn Stone of Chaos that can be acquired from World Boss: Legend has increased.

[Squad Battle]

  • - The amount of Awakening Crystal that can be acquired from completing Squad Battle Round 2 has increased.
  • - The amount of Mandalay Gem Fragment that can be acquired from the Daily Participation Reward and League Reward has increased.

Reforged C.T.P. Option Change Restored

Changing options of Reforged C.T.P. will be available once the 11/18 Patch is applied.

Just as announced through the previous notice, the following requirements will be applied when changing options of Reforged C.T.P.
[Go to the C.T.P. Reforging Option Change Announcement]

[Reforged C.T.P. Option Change Materials]
When changing options of Mighty C.T.P. of OOO (Normal Success), one Extreme Obelisk + Gold are required.
When changing options of Brilliant C.T.P. of OOO (Super Success), one C.T.P. + Gold are required.

Also, the following rewards will be given to Agents who have changed options with the previous materials after an investigation.
▶ The same C.T.P. that have been used for of Mighty C.T.P. of OOO will be given.

  • * Please be aware that rewards will not be sent for changing options of Brilliant C.T.P. of OOO as no change has been made.
  • * The rewards will be sent later, and the distribution will be announced once it is completed.

The <Carnage Special Celebration Event> featuring Carnage and Silk will be held, so make sure to participate!

Thank you.