Update 6.6.5 - Dark Avengers Mid-Month

Patch notes released Tuesday December 15, 2020.


Greetings, Agents!

In celebration of the holiday season, various heroes have prepared their new looks!

Groot’s <Snowflake Festival> and White Fox’s <Lifestyle Series 2> uniforms are built for winter fun!
Tier-3 for Molecule Man and Potential Awakening of Moonstone will also be added!

Experience these MARVEL Future Fight exclusive designs and their new powers, and challenge yourself at the improved World Boss Knull!

Download the 12/16 patch data and check out the new changes!

Holiday Celebration Uniforms Added!

  • * The Changed Skill Effects of the new uniforms are based on Level 6 stats.
  • * The new uniforms will be on sale during the upcoming event.
  • * The uniforms can be sold again later.
  • - Please note that the previous 2019 Holiday Season <Holiday Party> uniforms will also be sold again in celebration of the <Snowflake Festival> uniforms!

Potential Realization for Gwenpool, who can equip the <Holiday Party> uniform, will also proceed!

Molecule Man Tier-3 Added

Moonstone Potential Awakening Added

Sentry Improvement

World Boss Knull Reward Improvement

World Boss Knull Completion Rewards have been improved!
Obtain more Cosmic Cube Fragments and Reforged C.T.P.!

  1. The 2 - 4 Guaranteed Cosmic Cube Fragment that had been added during the 11/18 Patch has been improved.
    15 - 40 <Guaranteed> Cosmic Cube Fragment can be obtained depending on a stage.
  2. <Mighty C.T.P. of Energy> can be obtained from all stages by a certain rate of chance.
  3. The amount of obtainable C.T.P. Reforging Core has been increased for each stage.
Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue where the description of the <Dark Avengers Special Event Quest> Event Token is displayed as the description of the Premium Comic Card Token has been fixed.
  2. The issue where the Exclusive Skill gauges of certain heroes do not increase in Danger Room has been fixed.
    <Target Hero List>
    - Spider-Gwen / Silk / Spider-Woman / Bullseye / Ares
  3. The issue where Energy and Boost Point costs for certain stages in Epic Quest Dark Reign are applied incorrectly has been fixed.
    • - Reformed Rogues - Self-Defense Protocol Energy Cost has changed from -6 → -4.
    • - Reformed Rogues - Self-Defense Protocol, Sting of the Scorpion Boost Point Cost has changed from -4 → -6.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and the Energy rewards will be sent to the Inbox.
Please receive the rewards during the distribution period.

Rewards: 300 Energy
Distribution Period:
12/16 7:00 a.m. - 12/20 2:59 p.m. (UTC+0)
12/15 11:00 p.m. - 12/20 6:59 a.m. (PST)

Also, various events will be held in celebration of the holidays, so don’t forget to participate in them!

Thank you.