Update 6.9 - Defenders/Eternals

Patch notes released Tuesday March 16, 2021.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

The forces of the underworld have reached out to MARVEL Future Fight!
In order to stop the new World Boss Mephisto, fight along with the planet’s earliest protectors, the Eternals, and the modern heroes of New York, the Defenders!

We have prepared our Agents to enjoy various Super Heroes from Marvel History with the <Eternals> and the Defenders, coming ahead in MARVEL Future Fight during March.

The Prime Eternal is here! 1 New Hero, Ikaris has been added!
Upgrade the Defenders! 4 New uniforms & Tier-3 & Potential Awakening have been added for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage!

Challenge World Boss: Legend Difficulty <Mephisto> with the heroes who received new powers!
Also, improvements such as the addition of Alliance Weekly Contribution Rewards and Upgrade Max for gears up to +25 have been added!
Please check the details below!

New Hero

Please use the power of Ikaris, the leader of the <Eternals> who have existed since the mythical ages as the true defenders of the planet!

4 New Uniforms

Join the Defenders as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage arrive with new uniforms!
They will fight for all of New York City and beyond with their improved abilities!

  • * New Uniform Skills are based on Skill Level 6 stats.
  • * The 4 new uniforms will be on sale during the event and will be available for purchase in the MARVEL Universe and Uniform Room after the event.
10 New Potential Realised Heroes

A total of 10 heroes, Ikaris, Black Cat, M.O.D.O.K., Luke Cage, Elektra, Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Hellcat, Absorbing Man, and Titania will realize their Potential through the March Update.
These heroes can be upgraded to Level 70.

Daredevil Tier-3 Ultimate Skill

Daredevil has strengthened his extreme powers through both physical and mental training.
Please check out his martials arts that use his heightened senses even more!

Do you want to know more about Tier-3? Check out the guide below!
[Go to Potential & Tier-3 Advancement Guide]

Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential

Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential have been added for the Defenders members through the March Update! Stay tuned for their abilities that will defend not only New York but also MARVEL Future Fight.

If you’re wondering how to awaken a character’s potential and transcend their potential, look no further! Check out the guide below!

[Go to Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential Guide]

New World Boss: Legend Difficulty <Mephisto>!

New World Boss, Mephisto has been added.
If you are ready to take on his rage, challenge yourself with the Legend Difficulty!

1. Only Tier-3 & Transcend Potential heroes can enter the stage after unlocking challenges.

- To unlock Mephisto for the first time, you must clear the Challenges below.
Clear World Boss Ultimate 5 times for all 9 World Bosses that have the Ultimate difficulty.

2. Various entry requirements will be added as you advance to each difficulty, and only the heroes that meet the requirements can enter.

3. Stage completion main rewards are as follows.

  • - Potential percentage increases for participating heroes & allies
  • - Rewards for each Conquer Level
  • - Mighty C.T.P. of Regeneration, C.T.P. Reforging Core, Tier-2,3 materials as Stage Completion rewards

  • * Cosmic Cube Fragments are 100% guaranteed upon clearing a Mephisto stage.
Alliance Weekly Contribution

<Weekly Contribution> has been added to Alliance rewards!
Please contribute more to promote your Alliance.

1. Alliance Weekly Contribution has been added.

Weekly Contribution will accumulate as Alliance members gain <Daily Contribution> by clearing Dimension Missions and Epic Quests.

  • * Newly joined Alliance members will be able to contribute after the Weekly Contribution is reset.
  • * The total accumulated value will not be affected even if an Alliance member leaves the Alliance.
  • * When you have reached the Weekly Contribution Reward target points, the rewards will be sent to your Inbox once you relog in to the game.
  • * When creating a new Alliance, the rewards will be distributed after the current Weekly Contribution Points are reset.

  • - Weekly Contribution Points will be reset every Thursday 3:00 p.m. (UTC+0) / 7:00 a.m. (PST) / 8:00 a.m. (PDT).

[Alliance Contribution Rewards]

  • * Rewards are based on acquiring every Daily / Weekly Contribution reward.

2. Weekly Contribution is displayed on the Search Alliance screen.

New Season of Future Pass & Special Icon

The new season of Future Pass will begin after the Update.
Various rewards and a Special Icon can be obtained through the Future Pass!

If you want to know more about the Future Pass, please check the guide below!
[Go to Future Pass Guide]

[Future Pass Reward]

  • - The Future Pass effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • - Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will only be available during the season the pass was purchased, so please do not forget to check the remaining event time!
  • - The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • - The Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will not be available for purchase near the end of a season, so please check the sale schedule in-game.

Also, there are Special Icons that can represent our Agents!
Collect two new icons as Future Pass Rewards and one icon from the upcoming Event Store!

[March Update New Special Icons]

New Uniform Collection

Check out the new uniforms of the March Update.
Don’t miss out on the extra rewards in completing the collection!

The obtainable reward from the Uniform Collection is displayed on the left center of the screen!

Other Information

1. Max Upgrade in Gear has been improved to be able to proceed from +21 to +25 at once.

  • - However, the upgrade may stop if you lack upgrade materials.

2. S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Mission - Agent Training # 64 <Equip Comic Card 1 time> has been changed to <Clear Dimension Mission 1 time>.

3. The description text of “Effects that are available at all times”, which activate again after a certain Cooldown Time when the effect has expired, has been changed. (The effect is the same. Only the description tooltip has been changed.)
Previous: Cooldown Time 1 second
Changes to: Effect reactivates in 1 sec after removed
Ex) The Passive Skill “Io” of Crescent

4. Gambit <Excalibur> Active 5 Skill name and Character Usage Tips have been changed.
Previous: Royal Flush
Changes to: Card Storm

5. Label stickers such as Flame, Physical, Mind, and etc. have been added to mark the attack type in the Team > Skill section.

6. The animation of Deadpool <30th Anniversary White Version> and <30th Anniversary Black Version> when achieving victory has been fixed.

7. The Honor Token Shop in the Store has been removed.
- Remaining Honor Tokens will be exchanged for 100 Gold per token.

  • * Gold will be distributed at once after the Update and can be checked through the Gold possession amount.
  • * Gold will be sent to the Inbox for Agents that have approached the maximum Gold possession amount.

8. When leaving the game screen for over a certain amount of time until the battle ends after entering an Alliance Conquest battle, the battle will be processed as defeated.

9. Some skills have been improved to be used more easily in World Boss ‘Knull’.

  • - Captain America (Sharon Rogers): Ultimate Skill ‘Legendary Defender’
  • - Deadpool <30th Anniversary Black Version>, <30th Anniversary White Version>: 4th Active Skill ‘Killer Move’
Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue where the portrait was not displayed when an AI (a hero of an Agent who left a match) had reached the maximum damage in Danger Room has been fixed.
  2. The season result pop-up screen will no longer display while proceeding the tutorial during the Timeline Battle server calculation period.
  3. The continuous loading issue which occurred in certain situations in Co-Op Play has been resolved.
  4. A skill that has not been applied with proper skill level being activated when SFX Animation Display is set as OFF has been fixed.
  5. Knull reviving in Alliance Conquest when only a portion of heroes are defeated from a team with Knull has been fixed.
  6. The estimated amount of reward acquisition not decreasing when pressing ‘Max’ and then ‘Cancel’ in the Challenger Cheer pop-up of Timeline Battle has been fixed.
  7. Restricted Characters filter not being applied to the Vengeance System in Timeline Battle - Challenger League has been fixed.
  8. A pop-up screen that states an account is not linked being periodically displayed when using an iOS device has been fixed.
  9. The back of a hero from the same team being displayed when a boss is quickly defeated by using Cable’s Tier-3 Ultimate Skill has been fixed.
  10. The text in the Rank Up Ticket selection pop-up screen will now display properly.
  11. The title of the Rank Up Ticket and Advancement Ticket will now display properly.
  12. The issue of the game not being able to play when proceeding the skill preview for Ant-Man and restarting the skill preview during a certain skill being casted, has been fixed.
  13. The notice pop-up has been changed to comply with the currently applied victory/defeat decision algorithm for Alliance Conquest when the battle ends due to the time running out.
    <The sum of the percentage of remaining HP for each character that is still alive (excluding heroes that have revived). When there is a draw, the defending side is victorious.>
    [Go to related Notice]
    - The algorithm of deciding the victory, <The number of characters still alive.>, will be included again in further Updates after quickly fixing the issue.

    Once again, we apologize for the delay of resolving this issue announced through the notice.
  14. The issue of being able to dodge World Boss ‘Knull’s instant kill pattern by using the Reflect effect has been changed.
  15. The issue of the best record of Timeline Battle not being reset after the end of a season after the 2/8 Update has been fixed.
    ※ When the season ends after the 3/16 Update, the best record that had not been reset after the 2/8 Update will be properly applied.
    ※ You must log in within 6 months from the point you achieved your best record to restore your best record from after the 2/8 Update to before the 3/16 Update.
  16. The issue of the stage abnormally ending when skipping the pattern of Thor’s appearance in Knull’s last phase with a powerful damage has been fixed.
  17. The changed Alliance member’s rank information not being instantly reflected in the ‘Alliance Chat - Alliance Members Online’ has been fixed.

We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update.

Thank you.