Update 7.0 - 6-Year Anniversary

Patch notes released Tuesday April 20, 2021.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

There have been big changes to our beloved heroes and Mephisto has suddenly proposed a deal!
The <Marvel Universe> and <6-Year Anniversary> are the themes of the April Update.

The Lord of the Underworld, Mephisto has expressed his intentions to cooperate!1 new hero has been added!
Several popular heroes of the Marvel Universe and Fantastic Four have been strengthened!
6 New uniforms & 3 Potential Awakening have been added!

The <Dispatch Mission> has been added, where it is more advantageous to upgrade more heroes!
Also, there are all sorts of improvements and convenient systems based on <Story Mode>.
Please check out the changes from Tier-1 growth material decrease to sales method change for some uniforms, and more!

Lastly, to celebrate the 6-Year Anniversary, there have been large scale UI improvements.
We hope our Agents can enjoy the missions in the new environment!

New Hero

A new Native Tier-3 hero!
The Lord of the Underworld will help our Agents in battle with his powerful magic.

Also, the skill screen has been improved to be able to check the information of hero skills that change, such as those during Mephisto’s transformation.

  • * Some skill effects of Mephisto will change depending on the usage of his Active 3 Skill, Dark Awakening.

  • * Mephisto’s Active 3 Skill is a basic skill that is applied by the Demonize (Devil) effect.
    Therefore, Mephisto transforms when using the Active 3 Skill and the Super Villain damage is applied.
    If Mephisto uses the Active 3 Skill again to cancel the transformation, Super Hero damage is applied, so please note that the description in Mephisto’s skill screen and the above table share the same meaning.
6 New Uniforms

Iron Man, Professor X, and the heroes of the Fantastic Four have changed!
Check out these heroes that have become even more powerful with their new and improved uniforms.

  • * New Uniform Skills are based on Skill Level 6 stats.
  • * The 6 new uniforms will be on a 50% sale during the <Update Celebration Event> to celebrate the 6-Year Anniversary and will be available for purchase in the Marvel Universe and Uniform Room after the event.
7 New Potential Realised Heroes

A total of 7 heroes, Mephisto, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Baron Mordo, Kaecilius, Satana, Hellstorm, and Clea, will realize their Potential through the April Update.
These heroes can be upgraded to Level 70.

Mephisto Tier-3 Ultimate Skill

Here is the Ultimate Skill of the native Tier-3, Mephisto!
Please check out his powerful mastermind that will drag his enemies’ souls to the underworld!

The Thing, Invisible Woman, & Human Torch Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential

Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential have been added for these Fantastic Four members through the April Update!

Check out the awesome Co-op skills that these heroes will present.

C.T.P. of Judgement Reforging

The C.T.P. of Judgement can now be reforged as of the April Update.
You can now acquire a new effect, Type Amplification, by reforging this C.T.P.

[Type Amplification]

  1. An exclusive gauge charges up when moving.
  2. When activated, it grants Guard Break Immunity and increases the final damage for type skills.
  • * The gauge stops charging for a set duration when activated.

  • * The stats are based on the max option stats.
Dispatch Mission

The <Dispatch Mission>, where you can receive various rewards by upgrading as many heroes as possible, has been added!

There are a total of 10 sectors in the <Dispatch Mission>, and each sector consists of 5 stages.

You can receive various rewards, such as Dispatch EXP, by clearing stages.

When entering the mission, the following screen will appear.

▶ Exclusive Challenges:

  • These are the Dispatch Mission exclusive challenges.
  • Earn Challenge points by clearing the stage while meeting requirements.
  • Your <Supply Time Limit> for each sector will differ depending on the acquired points.

▶ Use Energy: Decide whether or not to use Energy before the battle.

  • Please note that you can only receive S.H.I.E.L.D., Alliance, Character, Uniform, and Dispatch EXP without using Energy.

The Dispatch Mission supports the Auto Progress function.
You can choose from <Auto Progress>, where you move on to the next stage to battle, and <Repeat>, where you can battle one stage for the designated number of times.

  • * You can freely use the Auto Progress function even if you have never cleared a stage in the Dispatch Mission.

The Auto Play + function will be available during battles, and three heroes will join and fight the battle all at once.
Agents can control one hero at a time, and can freely change to control any hero.

  • * However, the skill cooldown times applied before changing the hero will be maintained after switching heroes.

There is a time limit in the Dispatch Mission stages, so you must defeat all enemies in time to clear the stage.

Your Dispatch Level will increase as you acquire Dispatch EXP by clearing each stage.
You can acquire more supplies as you reach a higher Dispatch Level.

  • * You can acquire more Dispatch EXP as you go to a stage of a higher sector.
  • * There is a low chance to acquire C.T.P. / Odin’s Blessing / Premium Card / 6★ (Awakened) ISO-8 when clearing a stage from Sector 7 <Wakanda> - Sector 10 <Alaska>.

[Dispatch Level Rewards]

A Dispatch Level Up Chest will be distributed every time you reach a higher Dispatch Level.
One item from below can be obtained by a certain probability from opening the chest.

A hero dispatch slot will be activated when clearing a stage for each sector.
If you dispatch a hero that meets the designated requirement for each slot, the rewards will accumulate for every certain period of time.
The accumulated rewards can be acquired whenever you want.
The growth grade is determined based on the total sum of growth score of the dispatched heroes, and you can accumulate more rewards as your growth grade gets higher.

  • * Please note that the sector rewards will be reset when dispatching heroes again!

Click on the Acquire button to claim the accumulated rewards once dispatch has progressed, and the acquired rewards will be distributed to the Inventory.

  • * You cannot acquire the rewards when your Inventory is full.
  • * If you have the maximum amount of an item with a storage capacity, they will be sent to the Inbox.
  • * Please note that the rewards will no longer accumulate once you reach the maximum Supply Drop Time.

  • * The Dispatch reward items for each sector can be acquired by a certain probability.
Story Mode Reform

The very beginning of MARVEL Future Fight!
The Story Mode has been revamped.

Story Mode has been optimized to only include Normal and Ultimate Mode.
Agents can now play Story Mode by freely selecting any upgraded hero.

1. The Story Campaign Mode has been revamped.

▶ Changes 1

  1. If there are previous clear records of the Campaign or Normal Mode stages, the clear records will be reflected.
  2. If there are previous clear records of the Ultimate Mode stages, the Normal Mode stages of that Theme will all be unlocked.
  3. The following measures will be taken for <All Agents> after the Update.
    • - The True S.H.I.E.L.D., The All-War, and The Future Ends Here are locked.
    • * You can unlock them again by clearing the last stage of the previous Theme’s Normal Mode.
    • - The First Clear Rewards for clearing the previous Story <Normal Mode> have been reset.

▶ Changes 2

  1. Each theme stage can now be unlocked just by clearing the stages, without the need for unlocking Challenges.
    • * The cost used for unlocking Challenges with Crystals before the Update will be refunded.

▶ Changes 3

  1. Normal Mode Combine Fragment System added → Story Fragment Chest distributed when combining fragments.
    • * Normal / Ultimate Mode Fragment items and Combine Fragment rewards are separate.
    • * Fragments are distributed by 100% for Normal Mode.

▶ Changes 4

  1. The participation hero requirement for the Ultimate Mode has been changed.
    • - Tier-3 or Potential Awakened heroes → Tier-3 or Potential Transcended heroes

[Story Mode Rewards]

  • * Agents that have already acquired the <Avengers 3099> uniforms cannot acquire it again.

2. The Synergy Characters system has been added in Story Mode.

The Synergy Characters effect is activated when you have all the designated heroes upgraded to a certain level or higher.
You can acquire double the amount of daily rewards based on the probability of the Synergy Character effect.

  • * The Synergy Characters lists and effects are applied separately based on each Story Theme.

3. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Missions, Tutorials, and Game Guide have been changed, as the Story Campaign Mode has been revamped.

  • ▶ The Story Campaign Mode Challenges have been changed to Normal Mode Challenges.
  • ▶ The number and appearance method has been adjusted for the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Guide Missions.
  • ▶ The S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Guide Missions can be changed with Gold after the free change limit has been reached.
  • - The cost will increase as you change the missions with Gold.
  • ▶ Potential Awakening and Transcend Potential Guides have been added to S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy.

4. The overall difficulty of the Story - Dimensional Clash Normal Mode Difficulty has been decreased.

Hero Growth Difficulty Improvements

The hero growth difficulty has been improved so that our Agents can enjoy MARVEL Future Fight with all the various heroes currently in and coming soon to the game.

1. The sales method has been changed for some uniforms.

2. More hero Biometrics have been added to the Dimension Mission - Support Shop.

3. The required Rank Up / Mastery / Upgrade Gear / Tier-2 Advancement materials have decreased for Tier-1 heroes.

  • * Heroes that have already received a decrease in growth materials are excluded.

4. The acquirable points for realizing Potential in World Boss have increased.

6-Year Anniversary Comic Card and Collection

We thank all of our Agents that have been with us for 6 years.
We will distribute a new Comic Card as a gift during the event schedule, so please check the schedule below and acquire the reward.

6-Year Anniversary Comic Card Acquisition Schedule:
4/29 3:00 p.m. - 5/9 2:59 p.m. (UTC+0) / 4/29 8:00 a.m. - 5/9 7:59 a.m. (PDT)

  • * Details will be announced in further notices.

New Season of Future Pass & Special Icon

The new season of Future Pass will begin after the Update.
Various rewards and a Special Icon can be obtained through the Future Pass!

[Future Pass Reward]

  • - The Future Pass effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • - Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will only be available during the season the pass was purchased, so please do not forget to check the remaining event time!
  • - The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • - The Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will not be available for purchase near the end of a season, so please check the sale schedule in-game.

Also, there are Special Icons that can represent our Agents!
Collect two new icons as Future Pass Rewards and three more from the upcoming Event Store!

[April Update New Special Icons]

New Uniform Collection

Check out the new uniforms of the April Update.
There are rewards for completing the collection, so be sure to claim them!

Other Information

1. A pop-up screen has been added for confirmation when continuing in World Boss with Crystals.

2. When changing ISO-8 options, the display has been improved to be able to filter based on the type of ISO-8.

3. An Inbox arrangement function has been added.

4. You can set your enhance level goal when upgrading gear for +15 - +20 / +21 - +25.

5. A filter menu that can filter heroes based on their ability has been added to the My Team screen.

6. The function of distributing a 4★ hero when failing the first battle after creating an account has been removed.

  • * We will improve and apply a more powerful function to support our Agents in the near future.

7. The UI of Special Daily Growth Support has been improved.

  • - Effects and emphasis marks have been added when there are acquirable benefits.
  • - A confirmation screen will be displayed when trying to close the pop-up screen without claiming the rewards when there is an acquirable reward.

8. The Biometrics location related text of Captain Marvel, Gamora, Warwolf, and She-Hulk, which are available in the Glory Token Shop, has been changed.

9. The skill description text of Darkhawk’s Active 3 Skill, <Amulet Explosion> has been changed.

  • * The actual skill effect is the same as before.
  • Originally: Reflects 25% of received damage
  • Changed to: Reflect 25% of damage received

10. The description text of the [Decrease reflect damage] effect has been improved.

  • * The actual skill effect is the same as before.
  • Originally: Decreases the effect of Reflect by n%
  • Changed to: Decreases damage received from reflected effects by n%

11. Some skill effects of the <Telepathic Resistance> skill that is enhanced when Jessica Jones <Jewel> reaches Tier-2 have been moved to the Uniform Bonus.
(The original Uniform Bonus is maintained and the effect below has been added to the Uniform Bonus)

  • Applies to: Defenders Allies
  • Activation Rate: when HP is below 35%
  • - 25% recovery of MAX HP. (1 Sec.)

12. The icon of the hero ability [Agility] has been changed.

13. The entire UI of MARVEL Future Fight has been improved and some system functions such as Timeline Battle Challenger League have become more convenient.

14. The Allies of some heroes have been changed.

  • - Sentinel (All uniforms) : Creature -> Other
  • - Ultron (All uniforms) : Creature -> Other
  • - Dormammu (All uniforms) : Alien -> Other

15. When “Decrease reflect damage” is applied to both “Energy reflect” and “Physical reflect”, it has been changed to “All Damage Reflect”.

Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue of <The number of characters still alive> algorithm not being applied when an Alliance Conquest battle ends due to the time running out has been fixed.
  2. The issue of some skills of Shadow Shell and Spider-Gwen not being applied properly in World Boss Knull has been fixed.
  3. The issue of Sentry’s Gear being upgraded straight to +25, although the text is displayed as +16 - +20, when doing max upgrade after finishing Sentry’s Epic Quest and reaching Level 70 has been fixed.
  4. The error that occurred from time to time when purchasing an item from the Timeline Battle Challenger League Support Office has been fixed.
  5. When setting a team with 6 heroes, the issue of the hero not being able to be dragged from Team 1 to Team 2 has been fixed.
  6. The issue of an irrelevant pop-up screen being displayed first, before the Biometrics acquisition pop-up is displayed in the Special Daily Growth Support item has been fixed.
  7. Some Achievements not being properly applied when upgrading or reforging an equipped Custom Gear has been fixed.
  8. When debuffed by the “Incapacitation (remove enemy’s active skill)” effect, the issue of the Uniform Bonus of Jessica Jones not being properly activated has been fixed.
  9. The issue of the passive effects, which reactivate after a certain time after the effect is removed, being affected by the Cooldown Time decrease effect has been fixed. (ex. Passive skill “Io” of Crescent)
  10. The [decrease All Defense] effect of Iron Hammer’s Active 5 Skill, <Iron Barrage>, being applied intermittently has been fixed.

We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update.

Thank you.