Update 7.2 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Patch notes released Tuesday June 29, 2021.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

We have prepared the June Update in celebration of <Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier>!

Take control of these Super Heroes and their restored will, such as the all-new Captain America! Additionally, Yelena Belova and Taskmaster have gained power.

These heroes have returned with a whole new look.
3 new uniforms have been added for Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Baron Zemo!
Falcon and Taskmaster are now available for Tier-3 Advancement!
Yelena Belova Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential has been added!

Also, a feature to change to a selected ISO-8 Set Bonus, Uru Amplification status stabilization, and a Guided Quest where every Agent can gain a Tier-3 hero have been added to support hero growth.

Check the details below to prepare for future battles.

3 New Uniforms

New uniforms have been added for Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Baron Zemo!
Inspired by <Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier>, take flight with their in-game looks as well.

  • * New Uniform Skills are based on Skill Level 6 stats.
  • * The 3 new uniforms will be on sale 40% off during <Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Inspired Update Celebration Event> and will be available for purchase in the Marvel Universe and Uniform Room after the event.

5 New Potential Realised Heroes

A total of 5 heroes, Sister Grimm, Ironheart, Kid Kaiju, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), and Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne), will realize their Potential through the June Update.
These heroes can now be upgraded to Level 70.

Falcon & Taskmaster Tier-3 Ultimate Skill

The new Captain America and Taskmaster, the main villain of <Marvel Studios’ Black Widow>, are now available for Tier-3 Advancement.
Check out their Ultimate Skills below.

Yelena Belova Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential

Potential Awakening & Transcend Potential have been added for Yelena Belova through the June Update!
Check out the power of this agent of the Red Room with new skills.

Guided Quest Tier-3 Added

A Guided Quest where Agents can work towards advancing a hero to Tier-3 has been added!
Designate a mission hero now!

1. Guided Quest - Tier-3 mission has been added

  • - Select and grow one of the designated heroes and to Tier-3 with the Tier-3 mission.
  • - If you do not possess the designated hero or own the hero below Tier-2 6★, the hero will be given as a Tier-2 6★.
  • - The <Guided Quest Tier-3 mission> can be accessed when you have cleared the Guided Quest Tier-2 mission at its maximum progress limit (maximum of 10 times) and can no longer proceed with it.
  • [Go to Guided Quest - Tier-2 Mission Update Details]
  • - The mission could still be progressed when you have already grown your hero to Tier-2 or above.
  • - The Tier-3 mission can be progressed only once.
  • 2. When designating a mission hero, you can unlock and select additional heroes with the Character Plus package.

    • - The Character Plus Package adds heroes to be chosen aside from the basic heroes, and Agents can receive Tier-3 growth materials at purchase.
    • * The Character Plus package can only be purchased at the hero designation screen.

    3. Agents can receive additional reward from the Tier-3 mission with the Special Plus package.

    • - The Special Plus package can only be purchased when the Tier-3 mission is in progress. Agents can receive additional rewards by clearing each mission. and receive a “Selector: Tier-3 hero (Guided Quest hero)” with which Agents can acquire a Tier-3 hero right away.
    • * Additional rewards for missions that have already been completed are sent to the Inbox.

    * The Character Plus package and Special Plus package may not be eligible for refund since the effects are applied at purchase.

    4. A banner will be shown on the Main Lobby screen when the Guided Quest is available.

    • - The Guided Quest banner is only shown when the Guided Quest can be proceeded.
ISO-8 Set Bonus Convenience Improvements

The Set Bonus system for ISO-8, a mystical gemstone that enhances the power of heroes, has been improved.

1. A category that shows which Set Bonuses are used most commonly on a hero has been added.

2. Agents can now select a specific Set Bonus and automatically change to the selected Set Bonus.

Uru Amplification Status Stabilization & Chain Amplification

1. If the number of Amplified Enchanted Uru slots decreases through Uru Amplification, the former Amplification status will be applied.

- Only the Uru Amplification status will remain, and the Gold that was used will not be refunded.

2. A feature to Auto Repeat Chain Amplification until all Uru slots have been amplified has been added.

Black Widow Legendary Battle Bonus Missions Added

In celebration of the upcoming <Marvel Studios’ Black Widow>, new bonus missions have been added.

  • Bonus missions will be added after the June Update.
    Previous missions and their rewards and clear records will not be changed.
    We look forward to your active participation in the bonus missions!

New Season of Future Pass & New Special Icons

The new season of Future Pass will begin after the Update.
Various rewards and a Special Icon can be obtained through the Future Pass!

[Future Pass Rewards]

  • - The Future Pass effects will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • - Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will only be available during the season the pass was purchased, so please do not forget to check the remaining event time!
  • - The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • - The Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will not be available for purchase near the end of a season, so please check the sale schedule in-game.

Also, there are Special Icons that can represent our Agents!
Collect two new icons as Future Pass Rewards and one more from the upcoming Event!

[June Update New Special Icons]

New Uniform Collection

Check out the new uniforms of the June Update.
There are rewards for completing the collection, so be sure to claim them!

Other Information

1. The hero skill information screen has been improved to show the valid effects that will be applied by using a skill.

2. The [Menu] - [Game Guide] - [Skill Name Glossary] category has been improved.

  • - An explanation for Super Guard Break has been added under the Guard Break category.
  • - A Battle Guide for Guard Break, Super Armor, Ignore Targeting, and Counterattack has been added.

3. After the June Update, Agents who make a new account will be given a 5 day trial of S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Support effects.

  • * The 300 Crystals included in the package will not be distributed, and only the other convenience related effects will be applied.
  • * Existing Agents who have a record of clearing the Story Stage 1-1 will also be given a 5 day trial of S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Support effects after the maintenance.
  • - All Agents who have purchased the S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Support before the update and is already in effect will have their support period extended by an additional 5 days.

4. Items can be received directly from the pop-up screen without having to enter the Inbox.

  • * Items received directly with the [Acquire Now] button may not be eligible for refund.
  • - Agents can still open packages from the Inbox Items tab like before! However, opened packages may not be eligible for refund when claimed in either way, so please be mindful when claiming items.

5. A chat message will be shown when Odin’s Blessing is obtained from the Item Shop.

6. The text that appears while performing Relay Craft 5 or 10 times has been changed from “Stop” to “Skip”.

7. When the Inventory is full after crafting, a pop-up will show up on the result screen.

8. For craft items with daily craft counts, the 5 and 10 times relay craft button will be inactivated according to the remaining craft counts.

9. To fix the issue of Luke Cage <Uptown Suit>’s Tier-2 passive skill “Power Man” not being overlapped with the HP Increase upon a successful dodge from specific Comic Cards, the skill has been improved as below.

  • Before: +30% Increase of HP
  • After: +30% Increase of Max HP

10. Some skills and patterns of World Boss Cable, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Apocalypse have been improved so that the effect and range can be seen more clearly.

Apocalypse The hit range effect has been improved, and the delay of skills that are hard to avoid has been adjusted.
Scarlet Witch The issue of being able to attack the divided Scarlet Witch has been improved, and the hit range effect has been improved.
Quicksilver Some effects and ranges have been improved, and the skill activation method has been changed.
Cable The pierce passive has been removed, and pierce has been added to the skill where Cable fires a machine gun continuously.
The burn effect skill has been changed to blind.
Other skill effects have been improved, and the issue of intermittent loss of Cable has been fixed.

11. The hero information screen UI has been partially changed.

  • - The UI for the buttons to use Upgrade Tickets and grow heroes using materials has been fixed.
  • - Hero Upgrade Tickets (Ex. Advancement Ticket, Potential Realization Ticket etc.) can now be used directly from the hero information screen.
  • - The Gear Enhance button will now show up when in the growth statue where Gear Enhance is needed.

12. Winter Soldier <Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War>’s “increase All Attack” buff on the 2nd active skill has been fixed not to overlap with ISO-8 set bonuses.

13. Ignore Targeting effect has been added to Winter Soldier’s ultimate skill “Pursuer’s Instinct”.

14. The following effects has been added to Yelena Belova <Marvel Studios’ Black Widow (Snow Suit)>'s 1st active skill “Bazooka Launch”. (Based on Skill Level 6 stats)

  • - 100% chance for Immunity to All Damage. (3 sec.)
  • - 10% recovery of Max HP. (1 Sec.)

15. Taskmaster <Marvel Studios’ Black Widow>’s some skill effects have been added. (Based on Skill Level 6 stats)

Grenade Shockwave
  • 100% chance for Immunity to All Damage. (5 sec.)
Masterclass Merc
  • Increased Attack by +10% for each 1% of damage taken. (10 Sec.)
  • Accumulated 150% of True Damage regardless of Defense and Dodge Rate stats.
  • The total true damage accumulated cannot exceed 15% of HP. (10 Sec.)
Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue of some timed products not showing the Crystal bonus icon upon repurchase has been fixed.
  2. The issue of not being able to combine Story Fragment Chests in the Inventory even if the requirements are met has been fixed.
  3. The issue of Proxima Midnight <Dark Obsidian Armor>’s increase in damage dealt to Super Hero faction not being properly reset when overlapped with a skill of the same type, thus seeming to be overlapped has been fixed.
  4. The issue of Energies sent to the Inbox being stored below other items has been fixed.
  5. The range of Amadeus Cho <Brawn>’s awakened skill “Altas Tactics” has been increased so the skill effect can be applied to the enemy normally.
    (ex. The water attack not hitting when the skill is used on World Boss: Proxima Midnight.)
  6. The issue of Black Panther's ultimate skill “King of the Dead” not displaying the intended effect color has been fixed. (All Uniforms)
  7. The Timeline Battle Challenger League list has been changed to no longer list by Ranking order.
  8. The issue of some timed products not being able to be repurchased when the repurchase bonus (25 Crystals) is stored in the Inbox has been fixed.
  9. The issue of the following information not being displayed in the description of Yelena Belova’s 5th active skill has been fixed. (All Uniforms, based on Skill Level 6 stats)
    • - -5% decrease of All Defences. (Stacks up to -50%, ignores immunity) (8 Sec.)
    • - The effects have been applied as intended and only the text was not included in the description.
  10. 10. The issue of Korean text being displayed on the Comic Card Crafting pop-up screen has been fixed.

We will return with new heroes and content fixes in the next update.

Thank you.