Update 7.3.5 - Loki Mid-Patch

Patch notes released Tuesday August 17, 2021.

Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

2 new Uniforms inspired by Marvel Studios’ Loki, one new War Machine 3099 Uniform, and Tier-3 advancement of War Machine will be added through the August additional patch.

Download the 8/17 patch data and check out the new looks of the heroes.

3 New Uniforms

Loki variants and War Machine who gained power through future technology are ready for battle.
Check out the abilities of the Loki <Marvel Studios' Loki (TVA Suit)>, Loki <Marvel Studios' Loki (President Suit)>, and War Machine <3099> Uniforms.

  • The new uniforms can be purchased after the 8/17 patch data is applied and all Uniforms will be on sale for 40% off.
  • The 3 new Uniforms can be found and purchased in the Marvel Universe and the Uniform Room.
  • Skills are based on the maximum stats.
  • Loki <Marvel Studios' Loki (TVA Suit)> and Loki <Marvel Studios' Loki (President Suit)> are Synergy Uniforms, and Synergy Sales will be applied.

War Machine Tier-3 & Ultimate Skill

War Machine can be advanced to Tier-3 after the patch!
Lead the battle to victory with the powerful abilities of War Machine!

Other Information
  1. Event craft materials will no longer be available from Dispatch Mission after the patch data has been applied.
    However, the event craft can be progressed until 8/20 2:59 p.m. (UTC+0) / 8/20 7:59 a.m. (PDT) as previously announced.
  2. Machine ability has been added to Destroyer, Nebula, and Cable.
Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue of the Rescue <3099> Plasma Shield (active skill 3) [Removes all Debuffs] effect not being applied to allies in certain cases has been fixed.
  2. The issue of Doctor Doom <Modern>, <3099> active skill 3 being shown as energy damage but applying physical damage in actual battle, and receiving physical reflect damage when used has been fixed.
    • The attack is based on energy damage but was applied as physical damage due to an error. This has now been fixed.
  3. The issue of Hulkbuster (Iron Man Mark 44) <3099> awakened skill not being used often in Timeline Battle has been fixed.

We look forward to your active participation in the events that will be held to support the growth of War Machine and Loki.

Thank you.