Update 7.7 - Spider-Man: No Way Home (Part 1)

Patch notes released Tuesday December 21, 2021.


Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

In celebration of <Spider-Man: No Way Home>, MARVEL Future Fight has prepared inspired updates for December!

  • New Uniforms have been added to Spider-Man, Kingpin, and Black Cat.
  • Kingpin is now available for Tier-3.
  • Agents may challenge the new Dispatch Mission Sectors <11 & 12> with the heroes who have gained new powers.
  • Enjoy Dimension Rift and Alliance Battle with the Auto Repeat and Auto Play+ feature that has been added.
  • Also, convenience features for team setting have been added to Squad Battle and Giant Boss Raid.

Check out the details below to prepare for future battles.

4 New Uniforms

New Uniforms have been added to Spider-Man, Kingpin, and Black Cat!
Enjoy your winter with Spider-Man and these Super Villains.

  • New Uniform Skills are based on Skill Level 6 stats.

[About the Spider-Man Uniforms]

  • Spider-Man <Spider-Man: No Way Home (Integrated Suit)> and Spider-Man <Spider-Man: No Way Home (Black & Gold Suit)> are Synergy Uniforms.
  • Spider-Man <Spider-Man: No Way Home (Integrated Suit)> and Spider-Man <Spider-Man: No Way Home (Black & Gold Suit)> will be on a 40% off discount during the <New Update Celebration Event!>,and Synergy Sales will also be applied.

[About the Kingpin and Black Cat Uniforms]

  • Kingpin and Black Cat <Winter Criminal> Uniforms will not be discounted.
  • Kingpin <Winter Criminal> can be purchased with Crystals.
  • Black Cat <Winter Criminal> can be exchanged with <Black Cat's Snowballs> which can be acquired through Event Check-In and product purchase.
  • Holiday Uniforms can only be purchased during the event period, but related packages and items may be sold again.

Note: The first changed skill for Kingpin, "King of Darkness", should stay "Leader" and not "Ultimate Skill". This was an issue in the original patch notes.

Kingpin Tier-3 & Ultimate Skill

Tier-3 advancement has been added to Kingpin!
Check out the power of the king of the criminal underworld.

Dispatch Mission New Sectors 11 & 12

Confront the problems that are happening in each Sector!
New Sectors 11 & 12 have been added to the Dispatch Mission.

Dimension Rift Auto Repeat and Auto Play+ Feature & Improvements

Some features have been improved for a more effective battle and supply management.

Auto Play+ & Convenience Features for Team Setting

Convenience features have been improved so that Agents can prepare for battles and progress battles more easily.

New Artifacts

Exclusive Passive Skill Artifacts will be added for Spider-Man, Kingpin, and Black Cat after the December Update.

  • The effects are based on the 6★ Artifact passive skill LV.4 stats.
New Future Pass Season & Special Icons

A new season of Future Pass will start after the update.
You can obtain various rewards along with Special Icons!

[Future Pass Rewards]

  • The Future Pass will apply immediately upon purchase and cannot be refunded.
  • Opened Legendary / Mythic Future Pass will only be applied during the season the Pass was purchased, and the Pass rewards will only be available during the same season.
  • The Mythic Pass can only be purchased after purchasing the Legendary Pass.
  • Legendary and Mythic Future Pass will not be available for purchase when the season is about to end. Please check the sale period in the game.

New Special Icons have been added for our Agents!
Collect two new icons as Future Pass Rewards and one more from the upcoming Event!

[December Update New Special Icons]

Other Information

1. The Auto Change feature has been added for Uniform option change.

2. New character search filter categories have been added.

  • The <Upgradable Hero> category has been added.
  • Search for heroes with their names with the <Character Name> category has been added.
  • A feature to search by hero name in various contents has been added.

3. Extreme Boost ISO-8, Extreme Boost Obelisk, and 6★ Boost Comic Card can now be used to upgrade Agent Badge.

4. The Auto Repeat stop pop-up screen has been improved to show up when failing to clear a stage.

5. Improvements have been made to show the remaining related supplies before purchasing specific products and items in the Store or the Timeline survival Shop.

6. Improvements have been made to categorize specific products as a group so that Agents can check the products more easily.

7. The quest navigation size has been minimized, and only finished quests will be noticed.

  • When using the navigation again, the whole list will be shown as before.
Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue of some texts not being displayed in some products that can be purchased from Store > Dimension Chest when the chance increase is in progress has been fixed.
  2. The issue of the chat notice being displayed as 'recruited Tier-2' when purchasing and recruiting a specific hero from the Selector: Tier-3 Character item has been fixed.
  3. The issue of the same heroes showing up repeatedly through manipulating the change of defense heroes in Alliance Conquest has been fixed.
  4. The issue of the Craft information text and the numbers being shown awkwardly has been fixed.
  5. The issue of World Boss Mephisto being pushed from phase 2 by the knockback effect of the 3rd skill of Cable <Summer Days> and <X of Swords> has been fixed.
  6. The issue of some explosion effect not being displayed when using the 3rd skill of Deadpool <30th Anniversary White Version> and <30th Anniversary Black Version> has been fixed.
  7. Guard Break Immunity, which has not been displayed in the Exclusive Artifact Passive Skill effect of Hela and Wolverine has been added.
  8. The issue of some texts being displayed in Korean in the Artifact enhance screen has been fixed.

We will return with various content improvements, so please stay tuned.

Thank you.