Update 7.7.5b - Hellfire Gala Part 2

Patch notes released Tuesday January 18, 2022.

Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

One of the leaders of Krakoa, Emma Frost, has returned with a new look for the Hellfire Gala!

Check out her new Uniform and the stronger abilities of Emma Frost through this additional patch.

Check out the glamorous new look of Emma Frost who became even stronger by downloading the 1/18 patch.

1 New Uniform

Emma Frost will greet Agents who have been invited to the Hellfire Gala with her new look!! Check out the ability of the Emma Frost <Hellfire Gala> Uniform.

  • The new uniform can be purchased after the 1/18 patch data is applied and all Uniforms will be on sale for 40% off.
  • The new uniform can be found and purchased in the Marvel Universe and the Uniform Room.
  • Skills are based on the maximum stats.

Emma Frost Tier-3

The White Queen, Emma Frost, is now available for Tier-3 Advancement!
Meet the powerful telepathy ability of Emma Frost!

New Artifact

A new Artifact has been added for Emma Frost.

  • The effects are based on the 6★ Artifact passive skill LV.4 stats.
New Uniform Collection

A new Uniform Collection has been added for the Hellfire Gala themed Uniforms.

Other Information

1. The following effect has been added to the 4th active skill of Mister Sinister <Hellfire Gala>.

  • 50% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, SHIELD, ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE effect. (5 Sec.)

2. Mister Sinister has been improved to use the Awakened skill by priority when auto progressing PVP contents.

Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue of some information text not being displayed properly in the battle guide of the skill Super Armor has been fixed.
  2. The issue of the text of some Alliance Conquest features being mistranslated has been fixed.

We look forward to your interest in the events that will be held along with the Hellfire Gala 2nd patch.

Thank you.