Update 8.2.5 - Krakoan Summer

Patch notes released Tuesday July 19, 2022.

Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

Through the July Additional Patch, two Super Heroes wielding the powers of the elements will reveal their new powers!

The summery X-Men take a break from their heroic activities as Storm and Iceman, and receive new Uniforms. On top of that, Storm can now advance to Tier-4 and Iceman to Tier-3.

Check out the updated Super Heroes armed with new skills and enhanced abilities through the 7/19 patch.

2 New Uniforms

Check out the abilities of Storm <Krakoan Summer> and Iceman <Krakoan Summer>!

  • Please note that the skill effects for the following Uniforms are as follows.
    • Tier-4 heroes: Skill Lv. 10
    • Other heroes: Skill Lv. 6

[Iceman and Storm Uniforms]

  • Discounts will not be applied to Storm <Krakoan Summer> and Iceman <Krakoan Summer> Uniforms.
  • Iceman <Krakoan Summer> Uniform can be purchased with Crystals.
  • Storm <Krakoan Summer> Uniform can be acquired by exchanging <Hot Summer Token>. The event tokens can be acquired by purchasing products and as a check-in reward.
  • The Uniforms will only be available for purchase during the event. However, the events, packages, and their components may return in the future.

Iceman Tier-3

Iceman is advancing to Tier-3 and has received a new Ultimate Skill.
Check out his unlimited potential and his cryokinetic powers.

Storm Tier-4

Storm carries the responsibility to protect her kind and the world at large, becoming even more powerful than ever before.

  • The Striker Skill stats are based on Skill Level 1.

New Artifacts

New Artifacts have been added for Iceman and Storm.

  • The effects in the description are based on 6★ Artifacts, passive skill Level 4.

Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue of wrong dialogue being displayed in Spanish, in Legendary Battle - Thor: Love and Thunder has been fixed.
  2. The issue of certain Legendary Battle Extreme Bonus Rewards - Thor: Love and Thunder being displayed in English when playing the game in Japanese has been fixed.
  3. The issue of some Challenges in the Dispatch Mission and the required Abilities that do not match has been fixed.

We look forward to your active participation in the events prepared to support the growth of the updated Super Heroes.

Thank you.