Update 8.3.5a - Moon Temple Defenders & Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel

Patch notes released Tuesday August 23, 2022.

Greetings, Agents!

This is CM Fragment of MARVEL Future Fight.

Through this August Additional Patch, the three powerful defender Super Heroes will show their new powers in MARVEL Future Fight.

New Uniforms have been added to Blue Dragon and Sun Bird, who continue their mission as defenders of the moon temple, and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), the defender of New Jersey.

In addition, Blue Dragon will advance to Tier-4 and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) to Tier-3 through this update!

Check out their powers and new skills by downloading the 8/23 Patch.

3 New Uniforms

Check out the abilities of the new Uniforms: Blue Dragon <Moon Temple Defenders>, Sun Bird <Moon Temple Defenders>, and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) <Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel>!

  • The three new Uniforms can be purchased after the 8/23 Patch data is applied and a 40% discount event will be applied to new Uniforms.
  • The new Uniforms can be found and purchased in the Marvel Universe and the Uniform Room.
  • The skills stats are based on the maximum skill level 6 that is shown in the Marvel Universe.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Tier-3

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) is now available for Tier-3 Advancement.
Check out the amazing abilities of the freewheeling teenage Super Hero!

Blue Dragon Tier-4

Blue Dragon, the leader of the Warriors of the Sky, has acknowledged the great powers of the dragon.

  • The effects are based on Skill Level 6 stats.

New Artifacts

New Artifacts have been added for Blue Dragon, Sun Bird, and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan).

  • The effects are based on the 6★ Artifact passive skill Level 4 stats.

Game Error Fixes
  1. The issue of German being displayed in some contents when changing the language to Italian has been fixed.
  2. The issue of the logo not being displayed in the Fear Itself Uniform Collection has been fixed.
  3. The issue of some effects of Giant Man <Ultron Pym> not being displayed as intended has been fixed.

We look forward to your active participation in the events prepared to support the growth of the three updated Super Heroes.

Thank you.