This page will contain unconfirmed/future content found through datamines.

Hawkeye Update Collector's Vault

Details of the upcoming 7.9 Collector's Vault.

Likely Scrapped

This section shows datamined content that seems to have been scrapped - it may still come out at some point, but likely not.

  • 7.4 Crafting Event

    There should be a crafting event (similar to the ice cream event for 7.3) that ends on October 13.

    This was obviously not added in 7.4 as intended. It is still in the game files and presumably can be added at any time, or possibly has been scrapped.

    Some details for the event are shown in the image below.

  • Skill Preview DPS Testing
    {"1 string data": "PREVIEW SKILL"},
    {"1 string data": "A.I. OFF"},
    {"1 string data": "A.I. ON"},
    {"1 string data": "DEFAULT"},
    {"1 string data": "UNIFORMED"},
    {"1 string data": "Restart Skill Preview?"},
    {"1 string data": "Exit Skill Preview?"},
    {"1 string data": "HIT!!!"},
    {"1 string data": "Measure DPS"},
    {"1 string data": "DPS Measuring Settings"},
    {"1 string data": "Character Stats to Use"},
    {"1 string data": "Individual Stats"},
    {"1 string data": "Fixed Stats"},
    {"1 string data": "DPS can be measured with your character's stats.\\nComic Cards, ISO-8, Active Skills, etc."},
    {"1 string data": "Measure Time"},
    {"1 string data": "30 sec"},
    {"1 string data": "1 min"},
    {"1 string data": "2 min"},
    {"1 string data": "Start Measuring DPS"},
    {"1 string data": "Measuring DPS based on the stats provided within the system."},
    {"1 string data": "Measuring DPS Measure Ended"},
    {"1 string data": "DPS"},
    {"1 string data": "DPS Measured!"},
    {"1 string data": "Measure DPS again with the same settings?"},
    {"1 string data": "Cannot select Individual Stats with a character you don't own."},

    Some strings were added in 6.8 that seemed to indicate that a feature for testing your characters' DPS in Skill Preview was being worked on. These strings were removed shortly after being found and have not made an appearance since, so it may be possible that this feature has been scrapped (or was developed for internal testing purposes and never intended for players to use).

  • Iron Man Themed Event

    In 6.9 some images titled "MiniGame" were added, in the same bundle as Event Battles. This event clearly features Iron Man in some way and is called minigame in the game files.


This section shows datamined content that has since been added to the game, so it is no longer "upcoming".

  • No Way Home Part 2 Update
    Update Added Update Confirmed
    7.8 7.9

    No concrete evidence, but in 7.8 Lizard and Sandman were also added to an upcoming 8-week check-in. This could be hinting at a second No Way Home update.

  • Gwenpool Mid-Month
    Update Added Update Confirmed
    7.9 7.9

    There is evidence to suggest Gwenpool will get a new paywall uniform in the 7.9 mid-month update.

  • Hawkeye Event Artifact Selector
    Update Added Update Confirmed
    7.9 7.9

    There will be a 4-Star Artifact Selector in an upcoming event (likely the 14-day event). It will have the following options:

  • Hawkeye Update
    Update Added Update Confirmed
    7.7 7.9

    Some changes were made to both Hawkeye and Kate Bishop that could hint at an upcoming Hawkeye update, possibly in the 7.7 mid-month update.

    In 7.8 Kate Bishop was added as a 8-week check-in character, which could be indication that a Hawkeye update is imminent.

  • Playable Infinity Ultron

    Added in 7.8.5b.

    At some point Infinity Ultron, added in 7.8 as a WBL, will be available as a fourth uniform for Ultron.

    This is likely to be in the 7.8 mid-month but could happen any time.

  • Hela T3

    Added in 7.6.5.

    Hela should be the mid-month Tier-3 of the 7.6 update.

  • Premium Card Selector

    Confirmed through further datamining of the 7.4 Crafting Event.

    A Premium Card Selector (SELECTOR: PREMIUM COMIC CARD) has been added to the game files.

  • White Fox T3

    Added in 7.4.5.

    White Fox should be the mid-month Tier-3 of the 7.4 update.

  • White Sirius Armor

    Added in 7.4.5, though the uniforms were renamed to "Light Sirius".

    Luna Snow, Crescent & Io and Captain America (Sharon Rogers) should receive new uniforms named "White Sirius Armor" in the 7.4 mid-month patch.

  • Loki Mid-Month

    Added in 7.3.5.

    There is evidence that suggests that Marvel Studios' Loki will be the theme of the 7.3 mid-month update.

  • Monica Rambeau / Spectrum

    Added in 7.2.5.

    A token showing the logo of Monica Rambeau / Spectrum was added in 7.2, and will likely tie in to the mid-month update theme.

  • Taskmaster T3

    Added in 7.2.

    {"1 string data": "Icon_Taskmaster_skill13"},
    {"1 string data": "Icon_Taskmaster_skill80"},
    {"1 string data": "Icon_Professorx_skill01"},

    A string referencing a Tier-3 skill icon for Taskmaster (skill 80), first discovered in update 6.4. It was removed upon being discovered but has been re-added at least once, which could indicate it is still planned to be added at some point (maybe when the Black Widow movie releases).

  • Yelena Belova Awakening

    Added in 7.2.

    "Red Room Reunion"

    An Awakening Skill for Yelena Belova exists in the game files, and has existed since she was added (6.0, the Black Widow update). It's not hidden at all with a skill icon and skill description that basically anyone can find.

    The buffs are subject to change, but the current skill has the following:

    • Deals Physical Damage
    • Invincible (8s)
    • All Attacks + All Defenses Buff (40s)
    • Purify (7s)
    • Critical Damage + Rate Buff (10s)
    • Ignore Dodge Buff (10s)
    • 90% chance to Pierce Super Armor + Barrier + Shield + Immunity + Invincibility (10s)

    Like Taskmaster's Tier-3, it seems likely that these will release when the movie comes out.